ACTIF-Europe demonstrates a strong experience on European projects:

  • as a partner or coordinator of the project:
    Then ACTIF-Europe belongs to the partnership of a project; and directly contributes to its content and development.

or as support and accompanying services:
ACTIF-Europe is a facilitator and coach of the project, the partners or the networks (project platform, external evaluator, advisor, support to project definition and management).

We presently encourage that second approach to remain independant when providing feedback and external evaluation.

ACTIF-Europe's key associates also act as expert to the European Commission to provide technical assistance in the Social Funds programmes or to evaluate and select European projects such as in the FP6 and FP7 R&D programmes on e-Business, collaborative networks and digital ecosystems.

Examples of projects:

  • SMART: Decision making tools for SMEs on their strategic alliances. Project achieved in the framework of the R&D programme on the Information Society Technologies (project IST-2000-25181).
  • food-MAC: European agro-food network to identify training and support needs of European SMEs (programme Leonardo da Vinci)
  • MAC-AGRO: Training and support of agro-food SMEs  to the adaptation to socio-economic changes  (European Social Fund - ADAPT Initiative)
  • DIFF'HACCP: training of agrofood industries to implement HACCP (Force programme)
  • TELE-MAC: Distance training including video-conferences for agro-food SMEs to support SME with high staff turnover especially with seasonal factor. (European Social Fund - ADAPT Initiative).
  • CD-Eqate: quality assessment of vocational educational systems in institutional environment (Leonardo da Vinci)
  • AFI-MAC: Vocational training of actors evolving in enterprise incubators and for the development of entrepreneurs (Leonardo da Vinci).
  • e-Biz: training for SMEs for e-Business (Leonardo da Vinci)
  • Oeno-MAC: Vocational training of actors in the viti-vini sector in Europe to support the restructuration of the sector and the local socio-economic developments.
  • MAC-SSIIM: Training for SMEs to the informal management and protection of the intellectual and industrial property. How to protect by other means than patent for instance, so that the SME can feel confident to develop alliances and businesses. (Leonardo da Vinci).
    AGRO-MAC VET: Presently ACTIF-Europe is the French partner of that Leonardo project which aims is to define a training curricula for farmers (new or retraining) who are outside the higher education system.
  • ...


Examples of Networks

  • MAC-Team - Multi Actor Cooperation Network.
  • ATTT - International Association for the Transfer of Technology and Training
  • STAR - Aeronautic and Maintenance international network
  • ESTIA Net - Network on equal opportunity and women in Sciences and Engineering.
  • EUE-Net - European University-Enterprise Network
  • ISPIM - International Society for Professional Innovation Management
  • HEC/CPA - Centre de Perfectionnement aux Affaires
  • UNIA - French association of Agro-food Engineers.

Other projects are also on their way, please feel free to contact us.