• Decision making support (Strategic or Operational),
  • Strategic Alliances and Partner search,
  • Intellectual or Industrial Property protection and Business Intelligence.

ACTIF-Europe has established strong strategic relationships with various European partners:

ACTIF-Europe's expertise and know-how ensure you high benefit services delivered with the backup of a dynamic international network, services such as:

  • Decision making support (Strategic or Operational):
    ACTIF-Europe implements Enterprizer® decision making tools which are a unique enterprise modelling, assessment and optimization system. It enables conceptualization of strategic, operational and tactical challenges, and provides insights and prescriptions for improvement and implementation.

    Enterprizer® enables to make optimised recommendation based on various scenarios including the possibility to simulate decisions live without being obliged to build or read thick and often useless reports.
  • Benefits and outcomes derived by customers:
    • Crisp visualization of factors that impact success – “makes the invisible visible”
    • Clear insights into complex scenarios – “unexpected results that would have been missed otherwise”
    • Timely and valid assessment and prioritization of initiatives
    • Optimal paths to improvement and implementation
    • Quick and in-context decisions – “uses collective wisdom to inform sophisticated decision making”
    • Consensus development and stakeholder buy-in – “I walked in with individuals and walked out with a team”
    • Easy interaction with knowledge and expertise – “the best I’ve seen for shared understanding…”
    • “Strategic organizer” of knowledge and experiences
  • Enterprizer® systems include the following features:
    • Flexible design to incorporate different methodologies and processes
    • Structured framework with user-friendly interface allowing easy navigation
    • Powerful engine for multi-parameter assessment
    • “Optimizer” for what-if analyses
    • Automated and user-defined goal setting
    • Improvement prescriptions to determine the optimal way forward
    • Action planning and budgeting enabling effective implementation
    • Customized report generator
    • Secure user access and internal, in-context, communication system

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Strategic Alliances and Partner search:

  • Support to and management of strategic alliances.
    ACTIF-Europe has been involved int he definition and implementation of the AllianceEnterprizer tool in the framework of a European R&D project.
    Resulting tool of that R&D project enables the identification, design and monitoring of business opportunities and alliances for an enterprise whatever its size is.
    The unique aspect of the alliance tool is to be used at any time of an alliance existence by the enterprise and its consultant:
    • from an ex-nihilo approach:
      considering my resources, my strategic axis, my potential partners, my market, ..., which alliances to build or to select first?
    • up to a very opportunist approach:
      I met a potential partner at a fair or a conference, the relational fit is there and we want to collaborate: How to build a sustainable and profitable strategic alliance? Does it meet my global strategy or the rest of my activities? Are we complementary, or how should we improve to ensure strong synergy? On which products/services should we work in common? Where to start? ...
  • Partner search and support to implementing strategic partnerships.

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Intellectual/Industrial Property protection and Business Intelligence

  • Intellectual Property protection:
    • ACTIF-Europe has been coordinating the MAC-SSIIM European project on informal management of Intellectual Property by SMEs (www.mac-ssiim.com).
      MAC-SSIIM project developed a training and support solution for SMEs and their consultants to protect their industrial/intellectual capital using mainly informal solutions in complement (or even instead) usual formal ones such as patents, trade marks ...
    • This solution includes 1 CD and 2 DVDs, training manuals and sets of slides which can be adapted to each enterprise and context.
      DVDs present interviews or European SMEs and their experience in that field under a global approach (DVD 1) or under more targeted interviews illustrating the 5 key themes of the training package.
      These materials are available in 5 languages (English, Finnish, Hungarian, Polish and Portuguese). Some elements such as Innovation management are also available in French.
    • The 5 MAC-SSIIM key Themes are:
      • Knowledge Management
      • Business Networks
      • Innovation management
      • Change Management and Learning Organisation.
      • Informal and formal protection of intellectual property.
    • In complement to this solution an e-Learning reposirtoy is also available in English at present.
  • Business Intelligence:
    From informal protection to Business intelligence, there is a short step only. ACTIF-Europe together with the MAC-SSIIM network and Enterprizer Technologies Limited have launched the development of decision support tool on BI strategy management for SMEs and their BI suppliers.

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